Reliable, professional service, done on time…

Who We Are

Egert Painting LLC is a full service painting company that specializes in residential, commercial, exterior/interior and on-site electrostatic painting in the state of New Jersey. We are dedicated to providing premium products, exceptional workmanship and quality service.

Our Services

Commercial Painting

We offer the full spectrum of residential, commercial painting services in New Jersey to cover all of our clients needs. Please visit our ‘Services’ link above to find out more!

Owner Run and Managed

Enjoy the benefits of working with a local company rather than a nationwide chain.

Residential Painting

While homes hold monetary value, they also hold sentimental value, so we apply the same level of professionalism to our residential projects as we do our residential, commercial.

Off-Hours Work

We’re pleased to offer round-the-clock painting services during your slow or closed hours. This includes nights, holidays, weekends and even during plant shutdowns.