As we take safety and security very seriously, establishing a clear line of communication between your decision makers and our team during NJ bank painting projects is priority one. We will work closely with your staff to ensure that your bank’s specific security policies and procedures are strictly adhered to throughout the duration of the operation. Painting a bank is unique in that a certain level of trust is required in the client/contractor relationship; for this reason, we immediately establish transparency by welcoming questions you may have about our service, our methods and our crew at all stages of the project.

As a general practice, we progress through projects during off-hours to facilitate uninterrupted bank operation during the day. We will, however, work toward completing your project as expediently as possible to minimize the distraction to your operations. Painting banks is not a job that every painting team can handle; it requires a team that not only provides exceptional services, but also one that takes pride in the respect and professionalism of its friendly staff.