Exterior Painting

rez“Curb appeal” plays a major role in the overall image portrayed to visitors of your commercial space. As a first impression can only, by definition, be made once, time and care should taken in cultivating a good image. Few things can detract from a visitor’s first impression of your business than a building with flaking, peeling or worn paint. While the old adage is “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” property managers are all too aware that the “cover” is a very important factor in the modern business world. When you’re ready to give your NJ commercial space’s exterior a much needed overhaul, we’re ready to deliver.

As property owners know, the elements take their toll on building exteriors. Because environmental factors will, over time, begin to fade a paint job, Egert Painting employs sound weather resistance practices to ensure that your shade is vibrant for years to come. For example, a surface must be clean before the first coat of paint can be applied; we prepare surfaces with power-washing, scraping peeled paint and even replacing worn or rotted wood. Once surfaces are ready, we apply the appropriate coating selected for your specific project. While it is surprising, many “reputable” painting companies leave out these important details, causing paint to chip, wear and dull more quickly than what is acceptable.

We’re coded and covered! Egert painting is a licensed contractor in the state of New Jersey and carries all necessary insurance including liability and workers compensation.

If you are ready to enhance the curb appeal of your property, we have the exterior commercial painting services you are looking for. Call us today to request an initial meeting with us, and we will send one of our experienced staff members to discuss your project in greater detail.