Fireproof Coatings

fireproof2Fireproofing, in addition to enhancing safety, can help a business ensure their structures meet state-specific regulations and fire codes. Egert Painting’s NJ fireproof coating services protect buildings, equipment and staff from fire hazards via the professional application of commercial-grade coatings.


Intumescent Fire Coatings:

  • reduce the production of harmful smoke.
  • withstand high temperatures.
  • create a flame-resistant barrier on surfaces.
  • bring an establishment to state fire-code standards.
  • protect life.
  • are environmentally friendly.


fireproofingOur intumescent fire coating service is a smart investment not only in that it helps minimize potential losses caused by fires, but also that it provides building owners with the added peace of mind of knowing that their staff is protected. Egert Painting’s skilled staff has the know-how to provide our New Jersey fireproof coating service to optimize your building with fire resistance.