Graffiti Removal and Prevention

Graffiti Wall BackgroundA building laden with graffiti can be an unpleasant sight. Graffiti creates an uncomfortable vibe for visitors of a commercial space and, in some cases, can lead to an increase in criminal activity in the area. In addition to the necessity of graffiti removal, establishments located in areas prone to graffiti damage may require preventative care. Egert Painting’s graffiti removal and prevention services restore a building to its natural state, protect the area from further defacement and, ultimately, bolster a business’s self-image.

The Graffiti Removal Process

Our aggressive approach begins with pressure washing: Damaged areas are first pressure washed with certified EPA and VOC compliant cleaning products to completely and safely remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces. Once completed, the surface is then repainted using our on-site color match approach to guarantee that “good as new” look.

Graffiti Prevention Tips

One of the most important things we recommend to property managers regarding graffiti is to have it removed within 2 days of first appearance; this effectively discourages the activity in the area by sending a message of zero-tolerance to perpetrators. Also, as it is within their interests, it helps to get neighboring businesses on board in graffiti containment efforts. One of the simplest ways to encourage this is to set up a hotline where owners can call in and report graffiti. Additionally, a creative approach is to, if possible, establish a mutual space where mural artists can come together and showcase their talents.

As is true in many aspects of sound business, a good offense is a good defense, so prevention is key. Egert Painting’s New Jersey graffiti removal and prevention services are sure keep your organization’s valuable image untarnished in the eyes of the general public. Call us today for a free estimate.