Maintenance Painting Plans

maintainenceEven after a thorough paint-job, there are times, primarily in retail settings, that maintenance service becomes necessary. At Egert painting, we offer our maintenance painting plans to establishment owners/managers who desire to add regular painting touch-up services to their list of upkeep duties.

High traffic establishments, such as retail stores and supermarkets, typically require periodic painting services due to high traffic areas such as restrooms, entrances, doors, and check-out counters. Store owners who use our maintenance service can give their site a needed “freshening-up” and enhance their customer’s shopping experience. As always, we organize our painting projects around your schedule and do everything we can to minimize interference with your business’s operations.

Maintenance Services:

  • are available as flexible monthly/yearly plans.
  • maintain a business’s or store’s value.
  • repair damage caused from water or extended use.

Egert Painting offers New Jersey maintenance painting service contracts to business owners/managers seeking regular paint upkeep service. Our flexible service plans work around the unique needs of your location and will keep your business looking brand-new for years to come.