Storage Tank Painting

Tank storage with blue skyWhile appearance is important, effective storage tank painting is primarily about functionality. For example, tank exteriors require regular applications of weather resistant paint to prevent rust, corrosion and damage. Additionally, tank interiors must be sealed properly to withstand chemical degradation and prevent potentially dangerous leaks and seepage.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program

At a minimum, we recommend that storage tanks be inspected once per year and their exteriors repainted as a part of a scheduled preventive maintenance program. For example, floor plans or mats can be installed below elevated tanks to catch errant drips or spills. Additionally, tank surfaces covered in unsightly algae, stains or rust can be periodically cleaned with power washing and sand blasting. A good time to perform these and other maintenance activities is when storage tanks are being repainted and resealed.

We only use paints, sealants and coatings that are appropriate to the local climate of your tank’s location. For example, tanks set by coastlines can be exposed to a higher level of humidity vs. inland locations, so materials should be adjusted accordingly. Other factors we take into consideration when choosing materials are the contents of the tank and the material the tank is constructed from.

A Professional Approach

NJ storage tank painting is, quite simply, a task best left to professionals. Not only does it require acute expertise, contractors must be aware of proper protocols to stay in good standing with the law. Reputable painting companies must remain in compliance with applicable environmental and occupational safety regulations like FDA, OSHA, NSF, USDA and local laws. Egert Painting follows these bylaws, is a licensed contractor in the state of New Jersey and carries all necessary insurance (liability and worker’s comp.)

Only trust a painting company with a history of working in the commercial/industrial markets for your storage tank painting project. Call us today for a free estimate!