Wall Coverings and Murals

Great for textures and backgrounds for your projectsApplying a wall covering to a surface can be a great alternative to painting it. Wall coverings of various materials such as vinyl, plastic, wood or marble can be affixed to a wall to provide it with added protection and a unique aesthetic. An art design can even be blown up into a full sized mural to be secured to a surface as a wall covering – the possibilities are endless.


The material used for your wall covering will be based on your needs.

Vinyl wall coverings are durable and popular in high-activity areas where an added layer of protection is needed; due to this, vinyl is an excellent choice for commercial application.

Marble wall coverings provide a luxurious, sophisticated appearance. Marble, used for thousands of years, is a very strong material that can add instant class and culture to an interior.

Wood wall coverings are relatively inexpensive and provide a cozy, seasoned aesthetic. Artfully placed wood wall coverings can add instant value to an interior without breaking the bank.

Plastic wall coverings, while a lower-cost option, come in hundreds of unique patterns and are surprisingly effective. Once color-matched to the wall and painted, it’s difficult to tell the covering is made of plastic.

Different types of wall coverings can be used together to create unique patterns and designs

More about Murals

There is nothing that catches your eye like a bold, well-placed mural upon entering a room. We turn your carefully selected art choices into full-sized wall coverings and then professionally affix them. While there is nothing like hiring a professional artist to paint your mural, it can be expensive and results aren’t always guaranteed. With our mural wall covering service, you know exactly what you’re getting and for a fraction of the cost.